If you’re looking to make your company stand out by having some unique promotional products. We would love to help you do that here at prestige printing. We believe that is important to make your company stand out that you can’t have some great advertisement at a cheap price. When we make a company stand out is by selling quality promotional products with excellent logo on it this is what makes us the Print Shops La Crete.

One of the unique promotional items that we sell is our women’s wide brim hat. If you want something more than just a ball Then go with this wide brim hat. Most people may have a cat made for their company they just use a normal baseball hat but despite has can make your company stand out show you that you are different than everyone else. This is a deluxe wide brim style hat the one size fits all design. You but whatever logo or design you want on the front of your the crown height of the hat is 9 1/2 cm the brim is 13 cm with a 2 1/2 cm painting. Inside the heads can be a white sweatband with white heavy drawstring. This allows it to fit multiple different people we cannot wait for you to get this beautiful hat and show off your style.

Whether it be from hats to jackets whatever it is you need even the photocopies we will be of help you. We have the highest quality printers to make you the photocopies you need. With her just be one copy up to 5000 copies we can be able to help you get those copies that you need to print over 55 copies per minute so that you can get all the paper that you need in a timely manner. With the black and white or color we would be happy to give you those copies as soon as you need them. We also happy with the binding and laminating if you need that. Don’t waste your time or your employees I’m laminating and finding papers when we can do that for a cheap price. Let your employees continue doing what they needed to and that’s been their time with pieces of paper.

We’ll use the highest quality machines so that you can feel confident in getting the products that you want. This also allows us to get you the product to you faster so that you can have that in a timely manner and as soon as. We know that sometimes things come up that are not plant so that you can get those to you stress possible by having machines that are always up-to-date and always going to be the most efficient. Highest quality machines are what make us the Print Shops La Crete.

If you like to check out our website go to the https://prestigeprinting.ca/ or 780-928-4774 so you can see why people rate us the Print Shops La Crete. All are use will show you why love is. We do not treat you just as a customer we treat you as family and are always to give you the highest quality customer service and always be open and honest with you every step of the way.

Which Print Shops La Crete Are Best?


If you’re looking for some top quality promotional apparel for your business or your foundation we have some excellent things for you. Most highest quality performance pieces of apparel is our performance soft silk jacket this comes in women’s and in sizes. This check is to be 94% polyester with 6% spandex. This jacket shows why we are considered the best and Print Shops La Crete

No matter what your apparel needs this jacket is going to be an excellent choice. This has a three layer bondage soft sell that is stretchable waterproof as well as wind resistant. You’re looking for something is going to be a little stretch as well as keep that water off you this is amazing. It’s also been resistant but yet it is breathable some of is when the days went off you but it is still going to carry a little breath when ever is getting a little warm outside. This is can have micro fleece insiders can make it really soft and durable. It is a folding superset goes all the way down to easy to take on and off and also has two zippered side pockets. One of the best things as it has one zippered chest pocket which is stylish as well as giving a little extra storage space. Best to inside pockets with adjustable Velcro tab on the cuff so you can make sure those cuffs are tight around your best.

As always extra nice to have those Velcro tabs on the cuff is again gloves on make sure that it is tight around her gloves keep extra warmth and it hasn’t just will draw cord on the him. So make sure that wind is doubling up into your jacket on those cold Canadian days make sure it’s tight around your cuffs tight around your waist to keep you nice and warm. His excellent jackets. We love to be able to give you this top-quality jacket. The check is in the come in dark charcoal black red and navy blue whatever color you can for we will get you the top-quality jacket. Come to us for Print Shops La Crete.

One of the other most important and popular apparel shirts is our men’s performance polo shirt. This polo shirt is going to be 100% polyester. Very nice and lightweight only 4 1/2 ounces. Can have a three button blanket and is gonna be antibacterial so it’s always stand clean it doesn’t get smelly when you’re out on the job and is can it be easy care. Toppings at this polo is that it is paid resistant color is can estate for years to come so you know you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy this polo. I haven’t no cruel colors look was in the state looking good in its bag resistant. One of the things is its portion with properties excellent wear out on the golf course on those hot days when you keep your eyes and make sure that doesn’t hold any bacteria. The reasons why we are the Top La Crete Print Shops.

If you’re together website go to https://prestigeprinting.ca/ or 780-928-4774 so that you can see why people rate us as the Print Shops La Crete